Bulldog Catholicism

If you want a militant Catholicism – as in “the Church Militant” – subscribe to the FLOCK, a quarterly magazine published by Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice.  The Flock is FREE, we rely on the generosity of our readers to survive.  But be warned: the Flock is not for heretics or the faint hearted, so don’t sign up if you’re a momma’s boy or a yellow belly, indeed, Bishop Bubbles, Fr Flapdoodle and Sr Mary of the Seven Dearly Sins are advised to seek medical advice before subscribing.

Why there’s no meat in much of Catholicism these days?  It is because there are so many touchie-feelie types in the priesthood; you know, the, “Let’s all hold hands and sing ‘Kumbaya,’” types.  We have sermons about as exciting as cold porridge, and we never hear anything about the Church’s teachings on abortion, contraception, euthanasia, homosexuality, premarital sex, pornography, consumerism, the indissolubility of marriage, the Real Presence, Purgatory, or Hell.  We sit around hearing from effeminate priests about tolerance and diversity, and how all religions are equally true — but since the various religions teach radically different things, that’s patently untrue.

Hey, it’s time to get rid of those baby food pedlars and replace them with real men.  Are you ready for a Catholicism with backbone?  We’ve got it at the FLOCK in lorry loads.  The FLOCK is a robustly orthodox Catholic quarterly magazine, we don’t shy away from the “hard” teachings of Christ and His Bride, the Church.  We know why we’re Catholic, and we’re not ashamed to tell the world.  Our degenerate culture has seduced much of the Church.  And we are sick of our mincing, sissy leaders who play lovey-dovey with the culture, the Culture of Death.  Case in point: most of our bishops are deathly afraid to bar pro-abort Catholic politicians from Holy Communion. This is not a matter of politics; it’s a matter of saving souls, souls who may well eat and drink unto their own damnation (1 Cor. 11:29).

Most of our bishops would rather be popular than save souls?  In the clerical sex scandals, over 80% of the predations involved adolescent boys.  Sodomites must be eliminated from the seminary, priesthood, and episcopate.  You don’t put drug-addicts in a chemist shop, alcoholics behind a bar, employ kleptomaniacs as bank tellers, so why would you put homosexuals in an all-male environment?  And why would any bishop with more than one brain cell want to put predatory sodomites near young boys?  Pope Felix III said, “Not to oppose error is to approve of it.”  Silence is not golden; it’s yellow.

If you want a militant Catholicism — as in “the Church Militant” — do subscribe, but don’t subscribe if you’re a wimp or a cream puff who prefers mouthing sanctimonious platitudes to fighting, for we hereby forewarn you: doing so could prove fatal!

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