What is St Tarcisius Catechesis?


Prior to Vatican II, eighty percent of the young people leaving our Catholic Schools practised their faith – today, three do!  “You cannot love what you do not know” – St Augustine of Hippo

WHAT is St Tarcisius Catechesis?

It is a project initiated by Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice to create a fully traditional and orthodox children’s Catholic faith formation programme for ages six to thirteen, of the kind that was readily available, indeed, was the norm in the Catholic world prior to the tsunami of Vatican II slamming into the Church. In essence, we are engaging in asymmetrical (guerrilla) spiritual warfare, where small bands of traditional Catholics bypass the Modernist stronghold of the Catholic Education Service to provide the much-needed sustenance of the One True Faith to the spiritually starving children and families who have been abandoned by the Church’s hierarchy to a false ecumenism and a fawning submission to the ‘values’ of the modern, Godless world.

WHY do we need to do this?

Heart-breaking though it is, genuine Catholics have to face reality and recognise that mainstream Catholic education does not actually exist in this country, or in much of rest of the world. It has been wilfully and deliberately destroyed by the Modernists zealots (both clerical and lay), who have controlled the Catholic Education Service, both at the national and diocesan level, for the past 45 years, in the name of “multiculturalism”, (false) “ecumenism”, “inter-faith dialogue” and “new theology”. Even more horrendous is the fact that the majority of Bishops not only actively and enthusiastically support the open acceptance and teaching of heresy and indifferentism in so-called ‘Catholic’ Schools, but they are pro-active in resisting any attempt to rectify the situation. The past forty-five years have given us an extensive and ignoble record of Bishops ignoring, ridiculing, bullying and openly persecuting faithful and concerned parents and teachers who try to draw attention to the crime being committed against generations of Catholic children on their watch.

WHEN will it be available?

As soon as we have lessons completed we will put them up on the website. However, when it will be fully available depends totally on how many people are willing to step up and join the fight by volunteering their time, energy and abilities to create the programme. We need volunteers; people with modest computer skills (able to use MS Word for example) who are willing to give of their time to work on the lessons and modules with guidance and help from Pro Ecclesia.

HOW will it be done?

Pro Ecclesia will provide the course structure and volunteers will be asked to create lessons and modules of the curriculum using some material supplied by us and suitable material from any other sources, including those they have already created if they are homeschoolers or Religious Education teachers. This will be co-ordinated by Pro Ecclesia and, when we are ready to begin rolling it out, parents will be able to sign-up to receive the courses via email or access them on our website. Very importantly, this will all be FREE at the point of use; there will be no charge to families wishing to use any of the resources for their children.

WHERE will the course be available?

Thanks to the global nature of the internet, anyone anywhere in the world (with internet access) will be able to use it.  Likewise, anyone can volunteer to help from anywhere in the world.

WHO is it for?

The courses are intended for Catholic families, whether they home-school or not; for parents or grandparents concerned about the spiritual well-being of children, especially if they are in a so-called “Catholic” school. The scale of the abandonment of the flock by the shepherds and teachers is so immense that there are now (at least) two generations who have not been properly taught the Faith with integrity. As a result, many parents and grandparents are, rightly concerned about their children and grandchildren but are unsure of the basics of the Faith themselves. By working through the lessons (with “Teacher’s notes”) children, parents and grandparents can grow in knowledge and love of the Faith together.